My all-time favorite houseplant | Spathiphyllum


Spath | peace lilies.
Spathiphyllum | Peace lily

My all-time favorite houseplant, the Spathiphyllum, is also known as a "Peace Lily", its easy nature to grow nature makes it the foremost ideal starter and an ideal gift .It brings greenery indoors but it can also enhance any room and because they are brilliant air purifiers.


they have amazing glossy leaves and these fantastic pure white flowers that are literally spades within the wild they found on the forest floor once they received filter sunlight and consistent moisture replicating these conditions in your house is the key to getting your “peace lily” to be happy and healthy they are doing grow best in partial shade so an east-facing window is right confirm it isn't too shady as they might not flower also because they could do they are doing best in temperatures upwards of 21 degrees so keep them faraway from cold drafts and windows during weather repotting annual within the spring is astounding for the health of a Peace Lily as the plants will really appreciate the refresh the soil wait until the roots have completely filled the first pot then pop them on crop the faded flowers once they've


started to do their thing because the more you deadhead the more flowers you'll receive it is best to permit the plant to completely dry out before watering and maintain a high humidity by misting you'll even put a moist and tray of gravel underneath as that'll also help humidity it is best to not water with cold water as this will shock the plant you'll if you would like to also clean the leaves with a humid cloth to prevent the build-up of dust that keeps them looking very nice and tidy the simplest sort of compost use may be a well draining multi-purpose compost ideal for houseplants and you'll apply a liquid fertilizer once a month 

all parts of the pieces are poisonous and that they may cause stomach and respiratory irritation if ingested in large amounts, so do keep them out of the reach of youngsters and pets. 

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