Chui Jhal is a traditional Khulna's spice that brings water to the tongue.


Chui is a herb or medicinal plant. Its English or academic name is Piper Chaba, a creeper, more numerous among the flowers of the Piperceae family, about 3700, genus 13, of which 2 genus are found. One is called Pepper, the other Peperomia.

Piper chewing is native to South and Southeast Asia, as well as to other tropical regions of Asia, including Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Sri Lanka. It is known as Choi Jhal (Choi Jhal) in the Indian states of Tripura and West Bengal, and in the Khulna division of Bangladesh as Chui Jhal.

Chuijhal is a very popular Jhal in Khulna, Bagerhat, Narail, Jessore and Satkhira areas of Bangladesh. The people here are very weak towards this salt, in the sweet-smelling smell of saliva, the taste of the salt is hanging on its flesh. Many brand values ​​of the name "Chuijhal" are popular in Khulna, Jessore, Satkhira, Bagerhat area, many hotels are attached to this name. Its multifaceted use in everything from hospitality to treatment has raised its value.

No fruit can be seen in Chui Jhal of Khulna, Bagerhat area of ​​Bangladesh. Coarsely browned black spots, and the assembly of lots of small roots in each gut, the white part of the inside of the stem is used in cooking, clearing the upper bark. In India, Thailand it is called Brown Pepper Chaba.

The species of chewing gum or pepper chew used in northern India is different, the fruit in which it is used is usable, the name of this fruit is long paper, first green, yellow, then red, black when dried. The male and female flowers are in different vines. The male flower stick is 3 inches long and the female flower is half to one inch.

Long paper is close to black pepper. It has many names depending on the area,

Black piper chaba with betel leaves

common name: Long Pepper, Indian Long Pepper • Hindi: Pip Lee Pipli • Marathi: Pipli Pimpali • Tamil: Tippili • Malayalam: Tippali • Telugu: Pippallu • Kannada: Hippali: Kannada: Hippali, Urdu: পিপুল পিপল • Gujarati: পিপরী পিপারী • Sanskrit: পিপ্পলী পিপ্পালী, মাগধী.

This species is most commonly used in Ayurvedic medicine.

In Thailand, piper chewing is commonly known as "de pli" and it is also known as "Thai long pepper".

Chuijhal, pepper, peepal (long pepper), and betel leaves look so similar that many new gardens cannot distinguish them.

Before importing ordinary pepper into India, Portuguese merchants used to keep the kitchen of Indians warm with * pepper, and * people (long paper).

Production of Chui saplings is the main crop of many farmers in Khulna, Bagerhat, Narail, Jessore and Satkhira areas of Bangladesh. The harvest time from planting these chui saplings is a little longer. Harvest time is taken from 2 to 4 years. The thicker the stems and roots, the higher the value. The best is mango, jackfruit, horseradish. Although different parts of Chui are used, its roots have the highest quality. The retail price of Chuijhal is usually around Rs 400-600 per kg in its production area.

The reason why people are so interested in Chuijhal is because of its many benefits or virtues.

Unlike ordinary chili, chui jhal, its taste, flavor is extraordinary, it does not stick to the mouth for a long time. This salt can be sucked and eaten, so its name is "Chui Jhal".

Cuijhalera Advantages:

(1) asthma and bronchitis diseases: asthma and bronchitis diseases and fungal medicines karebyakateriya as a variety of bacterial and fungal rogapratirodhe rogapratirodhe cuijhalera help.

(2) Cancer prevention: It contains a lot of phytochemicals called isoflavones and alkaloids which act as antioxidants and play a leading role in cancer prevention.

(3) Chuijhal works well in relieving postpartum pain of the mother. Chuijhal works like magic to reduce the pain in the body of newborn mothers.

(4) In peace of mind: Relieves nervous tension and mental instability.

(5) Prevention of heart disease: It helps in preventing heart disease by lowering the level of cholesterol in the body.

(6) To relieve pain: Helps to keep the body fresh by relieving various types of pain in our body.

(6) Gastric problems: It plays an effective role in increasing appetite and eliminating anorexia.

(6) Chuijhal is very useful in curing inflammation of stomach and intestines.

(9) Relieves nervous tension and mental instability.

(10) Acts as a sleeping pill and relieves physical weakness and cures body aches.

(11) Eliminates cough, phlegm, asthma, shortness of breath, diarrhea and anemia.

(12) As a sleeping pill: It acts as a sleeping pill and helps to cut down on physical weakness.

(13) Ginger crushed with an inch of chui vine can be used to get rid of cold problems.

(14) Elimination of stomach problems: Eliminates inflammation of the stomach and intestines. Moreover, it plays a special role in relieving gastric and constipation.

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