Super Mini Combo pack offer of vegetable seeds | only 210tk

Combopack offer of vegetable seeds

Super Mini Combo pack offer of vegetable seeds

Winter vegetable roof gardeners now have the time to plant winter vegetable seeds, to reap the benefits of early winter harvest. In keeping with the field farmer, you can also make seedlings for winter on the roof and balcony with good seeds from the best brands in the country and abroad. Message with address to get Biz Packet home-delivery in any part of Bangladesh.

Inside combo pack seeds

1.  10 Broccoli seeds

2.  10 Cabbage seeds

3.  10 Cauliflower seeds

4.  10 Kohlrabi (Knolkhol) seeds

5.  10 Capsicum (red) seeds

6.  10 Capsicum (green) seeds

7.  10 Tomato seeds

     Super Mini Combo pack costs only 210 / -

      # Free gift for every order

      ★ 10 grams of native Coriander seeds

      ★  10 grams  Lalshak seeds

       # Call to order:

       To +8801716378047

       Order between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m.

       # Can be sent by courier or post across the country (Bangladesh)

       # Need to bKash in advance.

       # bKash: +8801716378047

        Courier / postage charges are different.

Vegetable growers Activities | Bogura, Bangladesh.

Vegetable growers in the Bogura region are passing through the busiest days of planting the first winter vegetables.

They grow winter vegetables such as cauliflower, cabbage, beans, brinjal, tomatoes, and other vegetables before winter for economic gain.

Dulal Hossain, Deputy Director (DD) of the Department of Agriculture Extension (DAE), Bogura said 4,250 hectares of land in Upazilsa in Bogura are intended to grow winter vegetables this year and 2 250 hectares of land already planted and all land will be planted. soon.

While visiting the various villages of Shajahanpur parrot, farmers seem to pass busy hours before planting the first winter vegetables in their fields. All family members worked on this land. Vegetable growers appear to be irrigating their fields, using a spade to loosen their soil, making the dividers part of the soil, using bamboo sticks and polythene bags as well.

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