4 Ways to Make Your Succulent an Indoor Plant

Indoor Succulent plant
Make Your Succulent an Indoor Plant

Succulents are one of the most popular houseplants. They're easy to care for; if you're already an avid succulent owner, you may be thinking about turning your succulent into an indoor plant instead of an outdoor plant. It's not difficult to do so, but you should consider three essential factors when deciding to do so. Let's look at those factors now!

1) Choose Succulents

Avoid adding tons of extra work in caring for your succulents; it's best to choose those that are hardy indoor plants: aloe, sempervivum (hens and chicks), echeveria, sedum and hybrid stonecrop varieties.


2) Choose Plants

Look for one with a similar temperature and sunlight preference as your home for a happy succulent. It's best to purchase plants that are already acclimated to your growing environment—look for stores that sell other indoor plants if you're unsure. It can take several weeks or even months for indoor plants to adjust fully, so be patient.


3) Set Up the Right Environment

To create a healthy environment for your succulent plant, you must have adequate light and water—two crucial elements for growth. The first thing you should do is look at where your succulents are currently living. Are they getting enough light? If not, consider moving them closer to a window or hanging them under grow lights. Next, check their watering routine.


succulent soil mix

While you can use regular potting soil in a succulent pot, it's probably not what they're using. We made our mixture of sand and dirt that mimics your native soil as closely as possible. In addition, we incorporated perlite, vermiculite, sphagnum peat moss, and wood chips—all with water retention properties like those found in dirt and sand. To create your succulent's new home, fill your container three-quarters full with substrate mix and plant your baby right into it. As it grows, top off any space with more substrate until there is no more room for growth.<This part should talk about -How much substrate to add? How often?

As you water your succulents, sprinkle a bit of fertilizer on top. Our favourite is cactus and succulent food, but feel free to experiment with your recipe. We recommend feeding them once a month, from spring through fall. And be sure not to over-water, especially in winter when light levels are low. This part should talk about -How much fertilizer for young plants? Once they're big enough, move your babies outside during the summer months—where they can soak up some sun and get a bit of cold hardiness. It's okay if they freeze; it won't kill them as long as they thaw out quickly after. It may even help prepare them for winter by toughening their leaves. While we love having our succulents indoors year-round, we think they look best under bright lights. If you want to use natural sunlight, make sure to bring them inside before sunset so that they don't sit in direct sunlight all day.

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