Nevada Garden Center Garden Gallery


Garden Gallery front part

Dick and Barbara Benham's Garden Gallery on the shores of the Pacific Ocean will appeal to tourists in Navajo. Because it has a large collection that will enliven your home corner with a collection of bedding, pottery, fountains and plants especially succulents.

Once elegant and elegant, Garden Gallery offers a fifth blend of indoor and outdoor living products that take on the essence of a fabulous California lifestyle. Together, Dick and Barbara have created an environment that can only be achieved by cultivating their mutual passion for three decades. To this day, Barbara has carefully performed every original display of the merchandise. With no formal training, his innate talent and great taste matched the pulse of his customers' expectations. As a graduate of Cal Poly San Luis Obispo with a degree in ornamental horticulture, the impeccable floral masterpieces of dick lashes and succulents. Most of its plants grow on land or by hand-picking dicks themselves. Perfectionist with an eye for every last detail, each plant is watered by hand and nurtured with care. The result provides an unforgettable experience that can sometimes feel more like going to an art exhibition than a retail boutique.

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