2 Smart Sprinkler Controller Compatible with Alexa and Apple Home-Kit

Smart Sprinkler Controller

Sprinkl Smart Sprinkler Controller

Control by Sprinkl is the first yard hub with a built in 16 zone smart controller that brings total control of your sprinkler system directly to your smartphone, while saving up to 50% off your water bill. Once connected to Sprinkl's moisture sensors, Control will remove the need for scheduling altogether through Sprinkl's Autonomous Watering which will utilize moisture sensors in each zone to determine if watering is required, based on actual conditions.

The Smart Sprinkler Hub - 16 Zones

Simple Installation of Sprinkl
It takes about 30 minutes to replace almost any existing sprinkler controller/irrigation timer with Control. Once installed, you will be able to access the following features of Control's 16 zone smart controller in addition to being able to connect Control to numerous accessories that will add functionality to your sprinkler, lighting, and other connected home systems.

Sprinkl's moisture Sense  
Sense by Sprinkl is an in-ground moisture sensor that measures water where your plants care about it most. This data is communicated to Control on a real time basis, and Sprinkl does yard the work for you.

Smart Sprinkler

Sprinkl's Control
Control by Sprinkl provides full zone-level control and scheduling for up to 16 zones. Like Conserve, Control offers the same extensive set of conservation features and access to Sprinkl's nation-wide network of weather stations

Conserve by Sprinkl is a smart sensor that works with all sprinkler systems by adding smartphone control to the existing device while reducing the water bill by up to 30%.

Save Money & Water
Control by Sprinkl disables the system based on current, forecast, and past rainfall. It uses up to seven days of historic accumulation. Use our freeze alert option to turn off the system when the temperature drops. All settings on the app are fully customizable.
Fully Integrated with our iOS and Android App
Sprinkl's product line can be fully managed through our intuitive mobile application. Control your sprinkler system directly from your smartphone. Turn on push notifications to be informed when your system is watering or restricted. Use your phone to manually run watering zones for testing and repairs.

SXSW Eco Startup Showcase Finalist
SXSW Eco Innovation Award
Innovation & Tech Today Editors Choice Award

 EASY TO INSTALL. Takes less than 20 minutes to install with no experience necessary.
AUTONOMOUS. Turn on autonomous watering mode when paired with moisture sensors (sold separately). Sprinkl will keep monitor moisture levels and only water the lawn when required.
STAY INFORMED. Turn on notifications for mobile app to update you on what is happening in your yard. Notifications will let you know when your yard is watering or restricted.
SAVE WATER AND MONEY. Stop watering in the rain. Sprinkl uses local weather conditions to disable watering based on current, past and future rainfall and temperature. No subscription required.
COMPATIBLE. Control by Sprinkl works with Android and Apple mobile phones. Pair Control to your favorite smart home hubs like Amazon Alexa.

2. The Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controller 

The Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler

The Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controller raises the smart watering bar with foolproof installation, dual-band Wi-Fi and an expressive light bar. Rachio 3 is the only controller equipped with hyperlocal Weather Intelligence™ Plus and Rachio Wireless Flow Meter compatibility. The Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controller automatically creates watering schedules that lower your water bill and ensure a beautiful yard, while the mobile app lets you manage your sprinkler system from anywhere. Rachio partners with the top smart-home platforms including Amazon Alexa, the Google Assistant, Nest, IFTTT – making it the most connected controller on the market. App Compatibility - iOS 10.3+ and Android 4.4+; subject to change. Mobile app is required to connect the controller to Wi-Fi. Web app available on most browsers.

Save money and water!
See up to 30-50% savings on your monthly water bill!
Avoid watering in the rain. Exclusive weather intelligence plus automatically skips unnecessary watering with features like rain skip, wind skip, freeze skip, and more.
Control from anywhere with the easy-to-use app. Run sprinklers, view upcoming schedules, and observe your estimated outdoor water usage.
Experience fast DIY installation. Rachio Smart sprinkler controllers replace 99% of existing sprinkler controllers. Install in 30 minutes or less with no special tools needed. Our in-app installation tutorial helps you get online and watering in no time!
Deliver all the water your plants need; no more, No less. Rachio creates tailored Smart schedules based on the specific needs of your lawn, including plant type, soil type, sun exposure, and more.
A. Exclusive Weather Intelligence Plus
Hyperlocal Weather Intelligence Plus pinpoints the forecast in your exact location, then adjusts watering accordingly. Using comprehensive satellite, radar and weather station data from your that a quarter million sources, Rachio makes sure you’re never caught watering in the rain, wind or snow.
B. Remote Control
Start, Stop, Pause or Skip individual zones - even create a Custom Run schedule - all from our exclusive Remote. Only Rachio offers smartphone control this precise.
C. Customized Zones
Set up customized zones with confidence. Let Rachio recommend soil type based on your zip code, then add a few simple details like plant type, sun exposure and more to optimize watering for your specific yard.
D. Intuitive Schedules
Build schedules with confidence. Guided setup walks you through every detail, customizing the timing and frequency of watering to your specific landscape.

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