Orchids Basic Care and maintenance

Orchids Basic care and maintenance

Orchids Basic Care and maintenance

There are many types of orchids in the world, one of which grows differently, the orchid usually grows by sticking itself to its roots on a branch of a big tree, the ideal place for growing soft light orchids with the leaves of a big tree. Disliked by winter orchids, the preferred environment is summer, we can see orchids happy when there is more water in the air. It must be ensured that there is a steady flow of air. Try to imitate this environment for orchids placed in your home or porch.

Orchids do not grow in the ground like ten other trees, it requires a separate media. Such as dried coconut husk, dried tree bark, charcoal, a type of dry grass, called sphagnum-moss. The pot of the orchid should have a hundred holes so that the water comes out quickly by soaking its roots, so that the water does not get stuck.

Regular watering, and fertilizer supply to the NPK should be ensured at intervals of 7 days or 15 days. Fungicide should be used to prevent fungal attack. Because the media we use starts to rot once the root rot disease occurs. So the old media shoots need to be replaced after the orchid rests in the winter or after flowering.

Use 60% Shade net of blue color to control the light.

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