Get spiritual healing done by a true spiritual advisor


Welcome! Get spiritual healing done by a true spiritual advisor

Theni is an American, born psychiatrist and licensed healer.

From Izmir, his ancestors turned their lives to spirituality. Theni has been practicing healing and spiritual art for over a decade. He is a spell thrower, claimant, and spiritual advisor.

The ThetaHealing technique is a meditation technique utilizing a spiritual philosophy with the purpose of improving the mind, body, and spirit levels.

In the Theta Therapeutic Method, using a simple technique we consciously enter this Theta frequency and there we connect with the highest Consciousness that exists within us and governs all Creation.


The Theta Healing method offers helps with:

Separation pain

Problems in a relationship



Broken Soul healing and Broken Heart healing

Manifesting success

Self Love

Clearing and opening of the Chakras

Activating of the DNA

Deleting Curses, Promises, Vows

Releasing Karmic Involvements

Releasing Energetic Attachments and external energies

Load your subconscious mind with positive thoughts


  • Live Consultation

  • Broken Soul Healing

  • Energetic Divorce

  • Animal Healing

  • Akashic Field Healing


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