How to take care of Sedam Major or Corsica Stonecrop?

Sedam Major, also known as Corsica Stonecrop, is a low-growing succulent that shows several small, sweet flowers on its round, smooth, gray-blue leaves in summer, making it a great addition to your succulent collection or even your garden. Any garden. Prepare.

 Also, Sedam Major doesn't need much to stay beautiful, as it requires a little attention. So whether you are a busy person or a budding gardener, this is the ideal juicer for you!


 Although Sedam Major can withstand prolonged drought and still recover from neglect, it needs water to stay healthy. Be sure to water the plant at least once every 10-14 days or when the soil is completely dry. Do this by pouring water until the soil is completely wet.

 As a general rule, do not water your Sedam Major until the soil is completely dry from top to bottom of the pot. You can simply stick your finger on the ground of your tree to check if it is still wet or dry.

 Light and temperature

 To keep your Sedum Major green, they should be placed in a sunny area. So if you want to grow them in your garden, look for a place where they can get at least 6 hours of sunlight every day, but be sure to protect them from the scorching afternoon sun.

 If you live in an area where winter temperatures are much colder than 0 degrees Fahrenheit, it is best to keep them in a container or container that can be easily carried indoors. Be sure to keep them in a south-facing window or in a room where they can get plenty of sunlight. Sedam Major needs plenty of sun, so if you notice signs of stem expansion, you may want to consider increasing the light for best results.


 Since Sedam Major is highly susceptible to fungal diseases, rust and putrefaction, if wet for a long time, the leaves and soil should be kept dry. So be sure to plant them in porous, well-drained soil like other succulent soils. You can use cactus or succulent soil and add some pumice, perlite or sand to create proper drainage.


 Sedam Major is easy to install. You can wait or do it yourself until it spreads on your own. Plus, the process is easy! If the stalks are too long, you can cut the cuttings at least 3 to 4 inches or more from the mother plant using a clean, sharp knife or scissors and make sure your cuttings are heartless 2-3 days in advance. Mix well in a dry pot. And remember to water it after 2-3 days or whenever you feel the soil is completely dry.

 Share SEDUM Major

 Unlike other succulents, you can have your own garden full of Sedam Major without buying a new one!

 First: Cut a whole circle with a spade or garden trowel and get a portion of your Sedam Major. Be sure to cut about 2 inches and about 2 to 6 inches from your sedam major.

 Second: Sedam Major cut a small piece. Don't worry, the rest can fill in the blanks quickly.

 Third: Shake the remaining soil from the roots of your Sedam Major until you can see the crown and roots.

 Fourth: Pull your Sedam Major with your hand. Do it from the natural section; The root system includes individual stems or carefully torn parts.

 Fifth: Plant your section in fertile, well-drained soil in full sun. Be sure to dig deeper and twice as wide as they were planted.

 Be sure to moisten the soil you planted with Sedam Major for at least 1 to 2 weeks or just until they settle into their new setting. After that, you need to water it once a week or whenever you feel the soil is completely dry.

 The main thing is

 Overall, Sedam Major is a great addition to your juicy collection! Just make sure they still receive occasional tenderness, love, and attention so that they can improve throughout the year!

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